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The foundation of the company and its services is based on TEST



At Skyline, we work as a team to better serve our customers, and we work as a team with our customers to complete every job as safely and
efficiently as possible.




All senior members of our team worked their way from entry level through each position in the industry as their experience and leadership skills grew. All senior supervisors have a minimum of ten years experience; senior operators have a minimum of three.




Our number one priority. Safety comes first, from planning to completion of every job. From equipment design to procedures
and policies, everything at Skyline is planned with safety in mind.



We continually evaluate and evolve our equipment, personnel, service and systems to ensure dependable, consistent, high-quality delivery of our services to our customers.

What differentiates Skyline Well Testing from many of its competitors? 
We work for the most demanding, sophisticated operating companies and have success in eliminating additional costs to our customers. We have logistics, hazard ID and incident management experience, and pride ourselves on having done the “complete job”.

In today’s oil and gas industry there is an expectation that safety be a cornerstone of any company. At Skyline we believe in this and have made it a core value of our company, making safety a vital influence in the engineering of our equipment. We have developed our own safety manual, Job Safety Analyses and Standard Operating Procedures to guide management, experienced supervisors and new industry workers in the safe performance and execution of their tasks.

Our core service offerings are hydraulic fracturing flowback, well testing, work over, in-line testing and completion services, LNG fracture flowback, multistage sour flowback and well control.



Test packages include a professionally drafted Process and Instrumentation Diagram tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements (on request) and a portable office trailer with computer, communication and Fekete field notes


We offer many choices for auxiliary equipment to meet your specific needs. Choose from many different Pressure Vessel options and Flow back options.