Our Equipment

Skyline Well Testing is committed to a culture of continuous innovation and technological advancement.

We focus on refining and enhancing our equipment and processes through ongoing research and development, pushing the boundaries of achievable advancements. This commitment extends to our personnel through continuous training programs, ensuring proficiency in the latest technologies.

Every operation is unique. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design a package that integrates seamlessly into your existing setup.

Frac Separators

Our units are easily hauled to location to separate oil, gas, water, and debris.

Pressure Tanks

While easily delivered to different locations, our tanks can store volatile liquids under extreme pressure.

Office Trailers

While easily moved to different locations, our office trailers offer a functional space for your team to be productive.

Skid Mounted Office Trailers

Our office trailers provide a versatile location for your team to achieve daily greatness in the field.

Flare Stacks

Unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment is a regular occurrence; we carry a selection of Flare Stacks to safely relieve pressure to reduce risk to equipment and personnel.

Frac Manifolds

  • 2”602 5000psi two choke manifolds
  • 2”602 5000psi four choke manifolds
  • 2”1502 10,000psi two choke manifolds + More!

Auxillary Equipment

Flow Line

  • 2”602 5000psi
  • 2”1502 10,000psi
  • 3”1502 10,000psi
  • 3”206 2000psi

Junk Catchers

  • 3” 1502 10,000psi Dual barrier 10 valve junk catchers

High Pressure Manifolds


Compact Pressure Tanks

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