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At Skyline, we work as a team to better serve our customers, and we work as a team with our customers to complete every job as safely and efficiently as possible.

Well Testing

All senior members of our team worked their way from entry level through each position in the industry as their experience and leadership skills grew. All senior supervisors have a minimum of ten years experience; senior operators have a minimum of three.
  • Production testing services for oil and gas sector
  • Hydraulic fracturing flowback
  • Liquefied petroleum gas frac flowback services
  • Work-over and well servicing
  • Inline testing services
  • Multi-stage sour flowback and well control
  • Pressurized tank storage
  • Well control
  • Live well data feed capable (SCADA)
  • Well data validation or submission to AER
  • Detailed Process and Instrumentation Diagrams for Customer Specific Projects


Frac Flowback

Well clean up services use basin-specific techniques and technologies to effectively handle solids removal and fluid separation. We provide fit-for-purpose equipment, highly trained and skilled technicians and are on site from initial fracturing rig up, fully prepared to handle screen out contingencies that may occur during hydraulic fracturing operations and clean the wellbore without delay.

Drill outs

Frac plug drill outs, sand management and clean up flowback to effectively handle debris, solids removal and fluid separation.

Production Testing

Engineered designs using Skyline’s specialized equipment with real time monitoring capability and highly trained operators for early production tests. Maximize recovery with accurate data acquisition to accelerate production, manage risk and improve project economics.

Workovers, Interventions and Abandonments

When you’re remediating a problem in your well, profitability is probably not at its peak. That means whatever you do to fix your downhole problems, you need efficiency and expertise from surface well testers. From coil tubing, service rig or well testing recovery before an initial completion to production enhancement that extends production and brownfield recovery, Skyline has the effective remedial services and technologies you need. Start or extend the productive life of your well with services and tools that save you time and money—just when you need it most.

Fuel Gas Optimization

Fuel gas conditioning and metering kits with real time monitoring and control for bi-fuel frac pump supply, generators, boilers and superheaters. Full HAZOP completed for our design with stamped IFC drawings.

Popular Equipment

Skid Mounted Pressure Tanks

While easily delivered to different locations, our tanks can store volatile liquids under extreme pressure.

Junk Catchers

Don’t allow unwanted debris to cause damage to your measuring equipment and pressure control

Flare Stacks

Unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment is a regular occurance; our selection of Flare Stacks safely relieves pressure to reduce risk to equipment and personnel

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