Flare Stacks

  • 6″ x 60′ Portable Flare Stacks
  • Comes with gas mix fireball igniter.
  • One 6” main line c/w 3” Fig 206 flange.
  • Two 4” secondary lines c/w changeovers to 3”206.
  • One 2” igniter line
  • One 1” pilot line
  • 1” pipe racks
  • 12v hydraulic system with fail-safe valve
  • 1/2” aircraft cable guy lines.
  • Outriggers: 1 per side 15 ft long c/w adjustable stabilizing jacks
  • Two 7000lbs torsion axles c/w electric brakes
  • CVIP & Trailer Safety Inspection
  • Continuous Arc Pilot Ignition system available

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Flare Stacks

Unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment is a regular occurance; our selection of Flare Stacks safely relieves pressure to reduce risk to equipment and personnel

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