Pressurized Storage Tanks

  • 861 kPa x 60m³ (125psi x 503 bbl)
  • 4” Senior Daniels meter run
  • Holds 15 m³ of sand on dirty side of weir
  • Temperature: 300F Max. -50F MDMT NACE sour low-temp service
  • Dual 4” Inlets
  • 6 Sparge lines: 3 lines tied together on dirty side of weir. 3 lines tied together on clean side.
  • Sparging system allows no-entry cleanouts without opening manways
  • Two Ruffneck™ steam heaters. One in belly, one in building.
  • Two Catadyne™ heaters. One in belly, one in building.
  • 5 000 psi chemical pump.
  • Two 100lbs propane bottles tied to fuel gas scrubber
  • 4” Grove back pressure valve

Popular Equipment

Skid Mounted Pressure Tanks

While easily delivered to different locations, our tanks can store volatile liquids under extreme pressure.

Junk Catchers

Don’t allow unwanted debris to cause damage to your measuring equipment and pressure control

Flare Stacks

Unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment is a regular occurance; our selection of Flare Stacks safely relieves pressure to reduce risk to equipment and personnel

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